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In an era ruled by data, CX is more relevant than ever, helping today’s leaders forge meaningful relationships with their customers, while shaping digital ecosystems (empowered by A.I and insightful problem-solving content) with a consistent CX along all the decision making touch points. In previous decades CX was a niche. When very few organizations started applying design-thinking methodologies to bring better products or services to people’s lives.

But today’s revolution is about scaling a UX mindset rooted in empathy, optimism, iteration, creative confidence, experimentation, and an embrace of ambiguity and failure, to shape the organizations of the future, allowing them to edge ahead of their competitors thanks to a forensic understanding of their customers.

Xavi Cortadellas

About me

I’m an entrepreneur to my core. I started my first business when I was 18 years old, and since then I’ve created 11 companies. Seven failed, three are currently running and one has been acquired by a multinational group within the past year.

I started by helping multinationals create and shape new products that solve people’s problems through design-thinking methodologies and then I evolved towards new UX, IxD and SD skills to ensure that digital products fulfil users’ needs during the whole journey. During the last few years I have focused on creating user-centric content that engages and converts across every touchpoint and channel.

Today, together with my business partner Miguel Machado and the Keenfolks team, we are moving one step forward in digital transformation and customer experience, creating a new category called Digital Gap Management and a new method to help brands anticipate consumer digital evolution and boost business growth.

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